Now we have reached the ‘home straight’, it is time to start applying the knowledge we have revised to exam questions.  On the presentation below, which can be downloaded  as a PDF or as a power-point file,  there is a collection of exam questions from 2010 onwards.

What should you do with them?

  1. Have a go at answering them!  I will mark anything you bring me.  Feedback at this point is very helpful.
  2. Plan answers to 10 mark questions – remember that the examiner is looking for explanation, balance and evaluation (HOW important are the different reasons / factors you’ve examined).
  3. Practice writing 4 mark questions in 4 minutes – see if you can get it down to 3!
  4. Do a ‘knowledge dump’ – write down all the facts (dates, events, key words) you can think of in relation to a question then check it against the mark scheme and your knowledge organisers.


Power-point file – Exam Questions

PDF – Exam Questions